Actobind® Natural Ingredient Systems Replace Sodium Phosphate, Reduce Cost

Somerset, NJ, January 15, 2009 —

Advanced Food Systems has introduced Actobind® ingredient systems, an innovative approach to increasing yield and significantly reducing cost in meat, poultry and seafood products. Actobind partially or completely replaces sodium phosphate, which increased in cost by nearly 100% in 2008. Actobind without sodium phosphate is also label-friendly because it is all-natural and allergen-free.

Actobind products are a proven solution for injection, tumbling or other processes in a wide range of end products, from raw marinated to fully-cooked and retorted products. Advanced Food Systems custom-develops Actobind formulations and provides complete technical support to meet specific processing and product requirements.

Advanced Food Systems provides complete technical support and formulation assistance. For more information, contact Chris Kelly at Advanced Food Systems, Inc., 21 Roosevelt Avenue, Somerset, NJ 08873 USA, 800-787-3067.

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