Seal N’ Crisp® CAS - A Crisp Solution from Advanced Food Systems

Somerset, New Jersey, July 12, 2015 —

Advanced Foods Systems ®  Inc.  ( AFS ), a manufacturer of custom ingredient systems for texture and flavor, has elevated the performance of fried foods to a new crispy level.

Their newest innovation,  Seal N’ Crisp ®  CAS  (Crispy Adhesion System), a Specialty Predust and Batter System, joins their current  Seal N’ Crisp ®  line that prevents moisture migration and improves texture in fried products – addressing just a few of the many formulation challenges of these types of foods.

Crispiness Maintained – Even After Microwaving
Manufacturers are challenged to develop microwavable fried foods that can still keep their outside crisp. With  CAS ’s unique formulation, product moisture stays where it belongs, sealed in throughout the cooking process – yet the finished product retains its crispiness after microwaving from frozen, re-heating in microwave, when kept under heat lamps, and even upon cooling, making it perfect for the take-out or take-home product application.

Skin-On Adhesion – Stays On
The adhesion is incredible ” says Mark Purpura, technical services manager, as he describes  CAS ’s many other product attributes, “ especially on difficult substrates such as skin-on poultry and waxy vegetables. We’ve also had excellent results on both fully-cooked and frozen product as well as raw frozen products – and products can be either marinated or un-marinated. ” In addition, fresh bread crumbs, J-crumb or flour-based breaders can all be used.

Counting the Eggs
Egg is a very common and functional ingredient in batters.  Seal N’ Crisp ®  CAS  contains  NO  egg so it will not be affected by the dramatic increase in egg prices - and also conveniently eliminates an allergen concern.

Applications Versatility
Product applications are extensive, and can be tailored to a full range of proteins: poultry (skinless and skin-on), beef and pork, such as whole muscle (cutlets) or formed products (e.g. nuggets, patties and chicken fried steaks); and various types of seafood, including shrimp, clams, fish filets and calamari, either whole muscle or formed products.  CAS ’s applications versatility also extends to vegetables, such as fried green beans, fried pickles, fried eggplant or zucchini, and onion rings.

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