New Breading System Adds Saucy Layer to Meat, Cheese, Seafood

Somerset, NJ, July 08, 2008 —

A new dry precoat ingredient system from Advanced Food Systems makes possible a new type of product that features a flavorful, saucy layer between the outer breading and inner meat, seafood, or cheese.

This dry system, called Seal ‘N Saucy™ can be applied to pieces of marinated chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, fish or cheese. The Seal ‘N Saucy precoating system is custom-developed to deliver flavor profiles such as Buffalo, Pepper Jack, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Marinara and many others.

To apply the dry Seal ‘N Saucy Precoating system, the substrate, such as chicken or shrimp, is marinated if desired, then coated with the dry mix, fully cooked and frozen. The saucy layer is created when the finished product is fried by a consumer or foodservice operator. The end product delivers a unique taste experience without the need for a dipping sauce and is a simple, convenient, labor-saving system.

Advanced Food Systems provides complete technical support and formulation assistance. For more information, contact Chris Kelly at Advanced Food Systems, Inc., 21 Roosevelt Avenue, Somerset, NJ 08873 USA, 800-787-3067.

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