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Seal 'N Crisp®

The Seal 'N Crisp™ product line functions as a moisture barrier and provide texture modification for microwaveable fried products and high water content products.


Seal ‘N Crisp® Precoat BQW T#8 is a BBQ seasoned precoat system that provides an excellent moisture barrier to give a juicy interior, a crispy external texture and desirable cooked color.

GF Precoat Batter Base T#11

Seal ‘N Crisp® GF Precoat Batter Base T#11 is a custom designed gluten-free coating system for chicken wings and other skin-on chicken pieces which helps to seal moisture inside wings and produces a crispy texture and golden color upon frying.

Precoat BW T#46

Seal ‘N Crisp® Precoat BW T#46 is a seasoned pre-coat system that provides an excellent moisture barrier to give a juicy interior and a crispy external texture.

FVS T#38

Seal ‘N Crisp® FVS T#38 is a predust and batter system which provides good adhesion and a tempura appearance and a crunchy texture upon re-heating in a fryer.

Batter SOC

Seal 'N Crisp® Batter SOC is designed to provide excellent adhesion to skin-on chicken pieces during the batter / breading process and throughout the cooking process.


A custom designed clean label predust system which creates a crispy texture and golden color to fried chicken wings after cooking and remains crispy as the product cools.

Oriental Batter System 37

This Oriental Batter System is specifically designed with short set-up time to reduce stickiness and permit easy release from the conveyor belt. It also provides a crispy, crunchy finished product texture.

Precoat 16

Seal 'N Crisp® Precoat 16 is a phosphate-free, clean-label solution that improves texture, improves cling and promotes batter adhesion, improves crispiness, provides moisture retention, prevents moisture migration, and provides bake/fry stability,

Precoating AR-46D

Seal 'N Crisp® Precoating AR-46D improves texture, provides freeze/thaw amd bake/fry stability, provides moisture retention, improves crispiness, and prevents moisture migration.

Precoating AR-51D

A custom-designed, allergen-free, coating system that provides an excellent moisture barrier, very crispy texture and less oil absorption of fried products that are to be reheated in a pizza oven.

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