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SeasonRite® Soup Base

The SeasonRite® Soup Base line of cold water make-up soup bases are retort-stable and offer a clean label. Available in Chicken, French Onion, Creamy Mushroom, Kimchi and other savory flavors.

SeasonRite® Clam Chowder Base

SeasonRite® Clam Chowder Base is a custom developed dry flavor and stabilizer system for clam chowder. It provides cost savings and produces a finished clam chowder that is very similar to control in taste, mouth-feel and appearance with improved freeze/thaw stability. SeasonRite® Clam Chowder Base replaces the perishable liquid dairy ingredients and does not require refrigerated storage. It facilitates processing by replacing some of the liquid ingredients and reducing the overall number of ingredients.

SeasonRite® French Onion Soup Base

SeasonRite® French Onion Soup Base creates a rich and flavorful onion soup. It is freeze-thaw stable with excellent mouthfeel and texture.

Kimchi Soup Base

Custom developed dry flavor and stabilizer system for Korean inspired kimchi soup. The final product has the spicy, garlic and acid notes associated with traditional kimchi.

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