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TenderBite Marinades are ingredient systems that increase cook yield and improve the texture and juiciness of precooked foods reconstituted on a flat grill microwave.


A specially formulated marinade designed to improve the cooked texture and eating quality of heavy fowl meat. This ingredient system also lightens the color of the meat and increases cooked yield.


TenderBite OS is a custom developed enzyme free texture and binding system for outside skirt meat. Outside skirts marinated with TenderBite OS have an increased cook yield and a more tender and juicy texture, especially after holding periods under dry heat. TenderBite OS also eliminates grassy off flavors and improves flavor release.


A proprietary marinade system for chicken cooked in high temperature to provide improved cooked yield, texture, and moisture retention. Recommended to be used with Seal ‘N Glaze® RC-16.


TenderBite SF-33 is a special binding matrix that entraps moisture and natural juices inside seafood upon cooking. Treated pre-cooked shrimp maintains tender texture even in acidic sauces (such as Marinara and other sauces). It activates at about the same or slightly lower temperature than when muscle protein coagulates (140-155º F), therefore the augmented water and natural juice does not easily squeeze out during and after cooking. If it is used, additional sodium tripolyphosphate or other phosphate salts are not needed.

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